Some Amazingly Illustrated Pop Culture Icons by Jeffrey Cruz

Jeffrey Cruz is a well known artist, he recently got the Deviousness Award on DeviantArt. He is also admired by various major publications for his work. His artwork include amazingly distinct forms of Pop Culture. He usually does his amazing artworks featuring Comic and Anime characters. He has done some brilliant crossovers which are seriously amazing. See it for yourself and be amazed, and if you like his artworks then support Jeffrey on Patreon.

Jeffrey Cruz, known to many as theCHAMBA (or simply Chamba), is one of DeviantArt’s most loved and most recognized artists. Over the years, Jeffrey’s art has garnered worldwide attention and drawn the eye of major companies, including Marvel, Disney, DC, and Capcom, and his positive, welcoming personality has created a legion of fans around the globe. With his constant involvement in the DeviantArt community and his continuous striving to create great and interesting art, we’re proud to name theCHAMBA the Deviousness Award recipient of May 2015.

Jeffrey Cruz

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The Unusual geek, Having a special place for Anime and Manga. Art lover and a crazy Internet Surfer.

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