So What’s Happening with DC Comics?

A new chapter has began, DC’s New 52 is over. After the Convergence, everything changed in the DC Comic Universe. So what happened?

So What was Convergence?

DC Convergence

I discussed about Marvel’s Secret Wars here but I missed talking about DC Convergence before. For Starters, Convergence is the gathering of many storylines and elements throughout the DC Universe, Applying the multiverse theory. Keeping you safe from spoilers, After the Convergence series — things changed in the DC Universe.

Basically it was a event to trigger the Reboot of the DC’s Comic universe, but unlike the not-so-happening New 52 I have hopes with this as now the focus is much on creators and boom we also have these amazing fresh talents who will join the DC’s crusade.

INTRODUCING THE NEW DC UNIVERSE! It’s a bold new direction from DC Entertainment, featuring a more expansive and modern line of comic books, while still honoring our rich legacy of storytelling. Whether you’ve been a DC fan your whole life, or are just getting started with the world of comics, there’s a story just for you! And it all starts right here, right now, with DC You!

As Superheroes as a genre are becoming very popular day by day, new audience will surely flow towards comics but instead of having to read series which are way older and have references to those times, they can easily dive into the new rebooted comics to enjoy a current times and fresh voices.

So What Now?

Finally that Clark Kent alter-ego is going away. Superman has been outed-Lois Lane has told the world that he’s been masquerading as Clark Kent his entire life, and it couldn’t have happened at a worse time. Locked out of the Fortress of Solitude, stripped of his costume, and less powerful than he’s ever been, the Man of Steel is in a vulnerable place and may no longer have the adoration of the public.

Superman X Batman

All new Superman (Left) & Batman (Right)

Even Batman is dead, at least for now and is been replaced by Commissioner Gordon who wears this weird mecha suit. Green Lantern Hal Jordan is now the most wanted man in the universe. Wonder Woman has a new nemesis, Darkseid’s daughter.

Wonder Woman

There are two aspects to DC’s big summer revamp: 21 new series that will slowly be rolled out over the next few weeks, and 25 continuing series returning from their two-month hiatus (that’s where most of the aforementioned revamping will be happening).

New Series?

Yes, there are a bunch of new series which will roll out starting this June, giving a fresher feel to DC Comics.



Like we have a the very first Starfire series which wasn’t ever expected, even a very first Black Canary series. Then there is Batmite, a fun take on Bat Family’s newest member. Talking of fun, even Bizzaro has a series.

There’s a story for you in the New DC Universe! And we want to see you showing off what that means to you!

Then we have this bunch of Anti-heroes called The Omega Men who have murdered White Lantern Kyle Rayner and now, the universe wants them to pay! There’s even Prez, a series where Beth Ross is made the first teenaged President of the United States. It’s an interesting take and like nothing you could expect from DC.



Many more new series will hit the stores starting this June.

New DC Comics Universe

There was a time when DC and Marvel could halfheartedly talk about diversity without really acting on it because they were the only game in town — but with Image, Dark Horse, Valiant and other publishers making headway with their diverse titles, the Big Two are starting to realize that fans now have an alternative.

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