‘Sing Yesterday For Me’ is Captivating But Only if You Are Patient

Sing Yesterday for Me is an ongoing series written by Kei Toume (Story & Art), It follows the life of Rikuo, who is a college dropout and now he works part-time for a convenience store. He lives rather a low life but unlike everything else he is kinda satisfied with his life.


His life is completely normal until he meets his childhood best friend (friendzoned!). Still she has less of an influence on him than this girl named Haru who apparently has a thing for him and I guess she is almost similar to how he is, I mean even she is a dropout and works part-time.

Over the course of the series, we are introduced to various characters — all of which have a suitably believable backstory. Sure this helps with the character development but also makes the story and relationships deeper.

For starters, this is a romantic comedy but on the edge this is a beautiful series showcasing different people and the troubles they have in the walks of life. Not everyone can fit into the society, sure you can try to get out and do something completely extraordinary but if you fail there probably would be no one to support you.

Speaking of the artwork, this is one of the few series that does it right, I mean how can you not like something that is so finely crafted, although sometimes I thought that the backgrounds were a bit off but overall the artwork was quite mesmerizing.

If I were to recommend this manga, I would do it for it rather slow but beautiful storyline and if you’ll liked Honey & Clover, My Little Monster, and The Pet Girl of Sakurasou among many others then I guess you’ll will probably love this too.

Have you’ll read Sing Yesterday for Me? What do you think about it? Comment below!

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