Sense8 is Original and Culturally Diverse Sci-Fi Series

Sense8 is a Sci-Fi Thriller Series from Netflix that doesn’t disappoint. After hits like House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black and Arrested Development, this series showcases what Netflix is truly capable of.

When I first saw the trailer or even the pilot episode for that matter I wasn’t expecting it to be amazing but as the series progressed and the story began to shape things became more interesting.

The series focusses on the life of eight people who live in different parts of the world. The thing that makes them interesting is that they can sense everything together. It’s more like taking control over one’s body and experiencing things that body is experiencing. The sensates’ (that’s what they are actually called) power comes from more than just the sharing of literal skills like fighting, hacking, and chemistry, but also from mutual support and the sharing of perspective and experience.

Sense8 on Netflix

Sense8 truly deserves your attention, for what is conveys is beyond fiction. The show showcases that people of different races and come together, be and work together irrespective of what the world thinks. Much more than mere tokenism in its diverse casting, the show frequently puts issues of inclusion and discrimination front and center.

Sense8 cast

I think the cast of the show is what makes it awesome, although there are no big A-listers here but those who are in this have delivered exceptionally. Even the director has done an amazing job showcasing different cultures and locations with their distinct characters. The cinematography is slick, and all of the fight scenes throughout the season are thrilling.

I know the pacing is very slow, and there are these small subplots which lead nowhere but in all it’s a decent package. Quite original actually.


After watching the first season, I can surely tell that the second season will be completely different than this. As this was some sort of origin story, still after watching this I surely am excited to see what will happen next.

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