Savitar Is Not God Of Speed, Although He Thinks He Is

The Flash TV Series just introduced Savitar and he looked Badass. He seems way too faster than any other speedster we’ve encountered so far — again ensuring that Barry’s intro line about being “the fastest man alive” is a blatant lie.


Who is Savitar?

Savitar is an interesting character. In comics, when a Cold War pilot — from an indeterminate third world nation — was struck down by a bolt of lightning, he became a speedster.

Savitar Comic Book Look

He called himself Savitar after Hindu ‘God of Speed,’ and like any deity he had a cult of followers who worshipped his speed. During this time, the only heroic speedsters operating in DC Comics continuity were Johnny Quick (perhaps there’s a hint there that on The Flash Savitar will be facing down our very own Jesse Quick?) and Max Mercury (someone we have not —YET! — met on screen in The Flash), who eventually forced him back into the Speed Force where he could no longer cause anyone any harm.

For several decades Savitar remained stuck in the Speed Force, and when he re-emerged he learned that his cult of speed had only grown and expanded in his absence. He was seemingly killed by Barry Allen when Professor Zoom altered Allen’s powers to cause other speedsters to die at his touch. He has not resurfaced post-Flashpoint.

Why isn’t Savitar God Of Speed?


Firstly lemme tell you Godspeed is a completely different character with a drastically different back story which was revealed in The Flash #6.

In comics, Black Racer is essentially a god of death who hunts those affiliated with the speed force, which could be Savitar agenda too.

He is just a normal metahuman, with some serious delusions of grandeur. This would tie in closer to the Savitar of the comics, who named himself after the Hindu god of motion because he was just that big headed.

Still CW might change a lot of stuff about him, I mean they already change his appearance. I like the Transformers inspired version more than the bare chested but I don’t think they might play with the integrity of character from the comics. As far as the current season of The Flash goes, there have been some really interesting developments from Killer Frost & Kid Flash in today’s episode to HR & Alchemy.

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