Salty Studio: A Heartwarming Series About Things in Life

Sometimes life isn’t how it feels, there are things and situation that change your perspective on life. Sometimes you are set on a path, you were never supposed to be on — maybe the choices you made were terrible or maybe not, maybe everything just happened because it was supposed to happen.

Salty Studio is a Manhwa written by omyo. It follows the life of Togeun who throws away his job at his father’s office to do something he is passionate about, it’s drawing if you were wondering. Soon at the homecoming party (reunion party), Togeun begs Sonagi, a great illustrator, to teach him how to draw. She later starts a studio with him where Togeun also lives. Together along with other amazing characters they enjoy the best days of their lives.

Salty Studio Strip

What makes Salty Studio amazing is the flow of the story. It certainly depicts how life is, one moment you are happy and other moment you are sad. Like every Slice of Life Romantic Comedy you might feel initially that there isn’t much to offer here but as you dive deeper in the story you might understand what makes it special.

Salty Studio Art

Character development is the key to stories like this and trust me it never fails on this department, for most of the characters in the story has a deeper background and an acceptable story. The Art of the series is something I don’t think everybody will like. Still it is quite colorful and pleasant plus it has a humorous tone to it.  

The series just ended few weeks back and the twist in the end was quite good nothing spectacular but still good.

Salty Studio Fun

Salty Studio is one of those series which makes you wonder what happened after that. BTW if you just finished reading this I would recommend you’ll to watch this anime called Itazura na Kiss. If you haven’t read Salty Studio yet, you can start reading it right now over at LINE Webtoons. it would be time well spend.

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