9 Superheroes And Villains With Big Bank Accounts

It’s pretty good to be a superhero. As if it weren’t enough to have the awesome fighting powers themselves, some of these heroes also have a hell lot of fortune to help fund their crime-fighting adventures.

I know, whenever anyone talks about rich Superheroes, Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne are usually the first to spring to mind but you will be amused to find out that they aren’t the richest heroes around. Although with Billions in Bank they are already filthy rich but even Dr. Doom is richer than both of them.

Dr Doom | Rich Villains

Of course, no one can beat the king of Wakanda. I mean Black Panther, thanks to those massive deposits of Vibranium. According to the comics, the material costs $10,000 per gram, and Wakanda’s Vibranium vaults have 10,000 tons of the stuff (Doomwar #1). A little math and that amount of Vibranium would cost more than the GDP of the entire world.

Fortunately, folks over at Personal Income have created this infographic which gives you an idea on how not just powerful, but how extremely wealthy these villains and superheroes are. After all, they would need a big amount of cash to use on their projects and to pay the bills, while they are busy fighting crimes (at least for the superheroes) or doing their evil plans (for the villains).

9 Superheroes and Villains With Major Bank

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