Why You Would Hardly Find Any Reviews On Break Bang

Its just a week since Break Bang finally went online but since then many might have a stranded vision about what is this site going to cover. The initial few post would not be enough to showcase that, so here is a brief on what could you expect over here! I know its already too late to welcome you’ll also the fact that you can find this in the about section of the site, still this thing is a better way to interact.

No Reviews, Sorry

Firstly I would say that you won’t find any reviews on Break Bang but you can say we will surely have recommendations. As you can understand that every individual has a different perspective and one’s vision may disrupt that. Say for example, I don’t like this anime ‘School Days’ but there are people in the world who do like it and if I write a review about that anime I guess I will keep those away who might like it.

So What Will You Find Here

This blog is about Geek Entertainment & Art, so it will contain articles related to that. Mostly you can find stuff like Recommendations, Rants and some interesting fan-made awesomeness. You will also see bunch of news update, but only that which would matter.

In the Arts section you can expect some awesome artwork by some fabulous people. Not only that but also crafts, cosplay and many things which creative folks and fans might end up doing.

Site Authors and So

This site is too young at time of me writing this post so here I am the only author but I will eventually add some more if that permits.

Hope you like it over here! For any ideas or suggestions do comment below or just drop in a mail on contact{at}breakbang{dot}com I would be be happy to hear you out!

The Unusual geek, Having a special place for Anime and Manga. Art lover and a crazy Internet Surfer.

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