Some Crazy Psychological Manga Series Worth Reading

Do you rejoice reading tales of despair. I mean, do you like tales which might be mentally disturbing. It can be anything from a bloody shounen to a simple series with a crazy plot twist. If you are sucker for such tales, you probably are in the right place.

Some might call Psychological genre of entertainment, especially of something like Manga as for mature audience but it’s usually not the case. A psychological series can be fun and mind wrecking at the same time.

Anyways, here are some really crazy psychological manga series which would love your attention.


Underdog Manga

Life is complicated, it always isn’t the way you want it to be. Life is unfair at it’s core, so what is the sole purpose of life? To live just to die? Is life a slow death? Nao, the protagonist has such thoughts all the time. He is someone who is always being an underdog, like someone whose whole existence didn’t mattered to anyone.

One day, after being mentally traumatized by a child in a family restaurant, Nao snapped and poisoned that child. After which everything changes, suddenly he is recruited by an enigmatic coordinator to participate in a special tournament, to rule the entire world. The catch: to progress through each of tournament’s 8 rounds, Naoto must find a way to kill his opponent using only indirect means, with all of Japan designated as their arena. After unwittingly agreeing to join the tournament, Naoto is immediately thrust into a world of murder, torture, and espionage that he never dreamed could exist in the modern day.

Onani Master Kurosawa

Onani Master Kurosawa

Onani means masturbation. And that’s what this guy is good at. Every day after school, he sneaks into the mostly unused girls bathroom, and masturbates. Until one day, when he’s caught by a bullied girl and everything changes for him. This is a story of mistakes, redemption, and the choices made in between. It contains the worst and best of the human condition.

Flowers of Evil

Flowers Of Evil

Takao Kasuga is a middle school bookworm, One day, he forgets his favorite book in the classroom and runs back alone to pick it up. In the classroom, he finds not only his book, but Saeki’s gym uniform. On a mad impulse, he steals it. However, a girl named Sawa Nakamura sees him and uses her knowledge to take control of his life. This crumbles Kasuga’s life into pieces, making him mentally unstable. A twisted thriller series with a terrible anime adaptation.

Welcome to the NHK

Welcome to the NHK

Not everyone adopts to society quickly, some take time and some find something else, even if that something else means staying away from the world and living a life of a hermit, fairly enough such are NEETs.

The main protagonist of this anime, Tatsuhiro Satou is a college drop-out who basically leads a life of a NEET, he thinks that everything which is happening to him is a part of some kind of a big conspiracy but when he comes across a girl named Misaki Nakahara who is willing to change Satou’s condition from being a socially awkward introvert into a more confident person his life changes.



Who do you think lives next door? A college student? A secretary? A foodie? A quiet sort? Or… A killer? This is the birth of a brand-new suspense horror masterpiece!

On the verge of suicide, our protagonist a NEET discovers his cute neighbour is actually a serial killer. Everyday he watches her through the peephole doing her murderous activities but one day she sees him and everything changes.

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