Pokémon GO Has Everyone Exercising, Improving Mental Health

Pokémon GO had a great start, even with buggy servers it managed to get millions of users onboard. The game is rapidly approaching a daily active user rate similar to that of Twitter, while already surpassing Tinder. That’s right, we’ve reached a point where people need Scyther more than sex in the world!

You need to walk around to catch Snorlax, Jigglypuff, Pikachu & all other Pokémon. So this has resulted users, from shut-ins to nostalgic Individuals to venture out in the wild.

Leaving all those accidents aside Pokémon GO’s success has led to an inadvertent phenomenon: a spark in exercise – and everyone is talking about it. Many players have said the game has unexpectedly helped them with their mental health. See these tweets for instance:

Pokémon Go has already made an estimated $14 Million, reports SuperData. Staggeringly, these numbers aren’t even taking into account the potential revenue Pokémon Go will generate when it’s made available globally. Hopefully if their servers survive.

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