Why You Should Be Playing ‘Transistor’

Transistor is a different approach towards action-RPG genre. This game comes from the indie developer Supergiant Games, although many say that this game inherits various aspects from its predecessor Bastion, I can’t comment much on that as I have not yet played that game yet.

The game starts with a girl named Red who is supposedly a singer and has lost her voice removing a sword from a dead body. The sword is the most interesting part and the key element of this game as the sword has a soul and amazingly does the entire narration & guides Red also the sword is named Transistor.

transistor combat

The gameplay is smooth and relaxing, you know the usual sword fighting but here there is an interesting move it allows Red to pause the time & plan the combat so everything after that happens in a flash. Red can used numerous abilities she & Transistor acquires during the voyage in the game. Most abilities can hit multiple enemies when aimed by holding down a button and choosing an angle of attack.

There are even these tiny details in this game like the way you can comment on various news stories you come by, vote in polls, even order gourmet flatbread from an automated restaurant which make the overall experience of this gameplay rather interesting.

The cyberpunk city of Cloudbank is just awesome. I mean your eyes will just dive into that colorful & anime styled world. The storytelling is done in fragments but nevertheless it feels sufficient. The onboard soundtrack of this game is just so smooth that I was not frustrated during those seven hours it took me to complete this game.


I truly feel that if Tron was made by the guys behind this game then it really would have rocked. Transistor is built to be played with a controller, as each function is mapped to a face button and Turn() is controlled with the triggers. I played this game on my PC and I quickly switched from my Keyboard/Mouse to a decent Xbox Controller.

An artistic approach to science fiction worth your consideration!

As you can see I didn’t dive deep in this post as this was not supposed to be a review but just a sweet recommendation. This games deserves that push as it has got all the magic you might look out for. It defies the odds and pushes the unconventional games to the next level. It has got some serious deep combat and it shines with its aesthetic charm.

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