Parasyte: The Maxim, An Anime Showcasing Horror in Sci-Fi

Recently there has been a lots of buzz about this anime known as ‘Parasyte-the maxim’, so I decided to give it a shot and my decision paid out well. Being a sci-fi fan and a gore lover to some extent (weird, isn’t it?), I totally loved it.

After some research I found out that the original manga series dates back to the late ‘80s or so which both saddens and amuses me. This alien-anime is totally different from others in the genre and that to in an amazing way.

Parasyte The Maxim

For starters this is not a stomach turner type of alien based anime. So basically suitable for anyone. The main objective here is not world domination or anything like that. The anime tells us about how it is to be human? and what makes us different from the others? It basically deals with the question- ‘Can someone who doesn’t display human like qualities be a human at all?

So lets start with the plot, the series revolves around a high-schooler Shinichi Izumi and a alien parasyte ‘Migi’, who fails to take over Shinichi’s head (to control his body completely) unlike others of his kind and thus seizes his right hand. Thus coexistence was the only option which they willingly adapt. The series gives out the story of their survival together when they discover that the others of Migi’s kind have hostile intentions towards them and the entire human race.

The plot might appear as somewhat a mainstream alien anime with fights, killings, unexplained stuff, but behold your thoughts. It’s one of those fine rare animes which has got everything covered. I mean it has literally got all boxes ticked. There’s nothing that seems to lack in it. The best part of the anime being that not only the parasyte part but viewers attention is mainly drawn towards Shinichi’s personal life too, which is fascinating.


Shinichi’s progression as a character is just awesome. The developments in his lifestyle as Migi enters is worth loads of appreciation. There comes a point when you think that Shinichi isn’t a human anymore. His actions and emotional reactions everything just goes too cold for a human. But with a fear of losing his humanity, his efforts displays correctly what its like to be human? And what humans are capable of?

The increasing involvement of Migi in his life is a noticeable one. His progression from a cruel, unsympathetic alien to an organism with a human-like mind is also quite intriguing. Its more like Migi depends upon Shinichi for his survival, so his role is as important as Shinichi. His actions, intelligence, mindset, disagreement with Shinichi, skills etc. almost everything boosts up the awesomeness of the series.

Seriously the plot is just an amazing. Not only the humans but the alien side too is conveyed brilliantly. Not only the humans but survival of the parasytes to take the spotlight ahead which makes it different from the rest. And what’s amazing is that the plot throws Shinichi in an extraordinary situation one after the other which gains him the viewers sympathy. But also his constant struggle and efforts to get out of those is what makes this character a fan favorite.

Parasyte Life

Amidst all this killing and survival stuff there’s loads of emotions in it. His romance with Murano, his connection with his parents, his connection with Kana and more importantly his intent to salvage his loved ones is what makes it fascinating.

The manga might be old but the art of this anime is quite up-to-date. The most interesting part is the music. The background score is just amazing. The piano song ‘Next to you’ brings out the best emotions in the scenes. You might even download it after listening. The intense music during fight scenes is just amazing.


Overall the anime is a must-watch. It’s new and is different from all the recent series. After the first few episodes the cliffhangers will make you go for the next episode. So just go for it I would say, you won’t regret it.

Feature Image Art by Jefferson

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