Orange Marmalade: Vampire Romance Done Right

Orange Marmalade is not your regular human vampire romance melodrama like many others out there. For starters its a Manhwa, which basically is a term for South Korean comics, which shares it art style with Japanese Manga. Initially when I stumbled upon this manhwa and read its description, I was like, ‘damn! another vampire story’ but let me tell you something people, its not!

Orange Marmalade Lust

I am not that big on the vampire romance, but this story surely felt different from the rest.

The plot starts in time where humans and vampires coexist (mostly). Ma Ri Baek, the high school female protagonist is a vampire. Due to a horrible childhood experience and seeing the way how humans around her think about her kind, she decides to lock herself in a social blackhole. But things start to change when she smells the sweet blood of Jae Min Jung, the male protagonist who is the most sought after guy in school (Mr. popular you can say). Ma Ri’s craving for his sweet blood causes many weird chain of events (in a funny way). Due to this the Not-so-interested-in-girls kind Jae Min grows curious and then develops feelings for her. The ice princess as Ma Ri is popularly known in school for her cold nature rejects him initially. But as other characters spring in, like the music band members, her aunt–she starts seeing a different part of life, the good part is that she grows more fond of Jae Min but it isn’t a merry go round always, right?

The overall plot is simple but its execution packs a pretty good punch. For starters this is a boy meets girl kind of plot. And also there is a tad bit of comedy in there. The plot seems pretty mainstream at the start but it turns more awesome. I am not going to spoil anything for those who haven’t followed it but the twists and turns ahead in this romantic plot surely are damn amazing. Hardly can we see such a plot, such twists in a normal slice of life, romance series which makes it stand out more brilliantly.

Orange Marmalade Manhwa

The thing I found awesome first in Orange Marmalade was it’s artwork, it is totally awesome I must say. Its consistent throughout the series so far, and the flourishing expressions and emotions exhibited will surely give you a different experience while reading it. Then comes the chemistry between characters and the way all the characters in the series develop as the plot progresses. Its not like those series where the spotlight is on the main characters and the side characters gets less to none importance. Each character and side characters even the antagonists gets his/her own share of back stories and limelight. This is another great factor which makes it worth following.

Orange Marmalade Manhwa Base

So even though you might find it pretty ordinary, the plot progression and its execution, the drama, the suspense, the twists and turns, the characters when pulled together makes it totally flawless. Well it might not be called as a sensation or a gem, but you can say its pretty much close enough and exceeds every presumption made about it.

If you haven’t read Orange Marmalade yet, you can start reading it right now over at LINE Webtoons

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