One Punch Man Isn’t Your Regular Superhero

Well if you are someone like me who prefers anime over manga, surely you would’ve noticed the hype around the ongoing ‘One Punch Man’ series. It began its publication in June 2009 and with its initial story and comedy action combo it went viral rapidly.

An anime adaption was surely on the cards for One Punch Man, and so it happened this year. The anime over manga fans have been waiting a long time for this, Probably now I know why those reading the manga were drooling with excitement. *relief finally*

Anyway, talking about the series now, currently 6 episodes have been released and with the initial story complemented by comedy and breathtaking action, the series has got me all excited as to what the series holds for fans ahead. It will make you go like ‘Is this really a Superhero series?’

One Punch Man

For starters the story is based on a guy, rather a superhero named Saitama who is just a hero for fun. Chasing his dream to become a superhero, Saitama trained hard for 3 years and attained a level of physical superiority that no one has ever thought of, but somehow it turns out to be a bad thing for Saitama as he is unable to find an opponent or a villain who survive for more than a punch from him. The series follows his adventure and his life events as he passes each day as a superhero and as a normal human being.

The story is based in a world where superheroes are a pretty common thing. The very first thing you would notice in the anime is how bad-ass the protagonist looks initially and how his actual appearance turns out to be. That scene in the very first episode is damn hilarious. Secondly our protagonist has no fan base until he realizes why. However the ‘One Punch’ power is displayed brilliantly in the series. I admit there is some amount of gore in the series, but it is all covered by the comedic elements.

Saitama Picking Nose

There won’t be a time when you get bored of watching this series. No matter how shitty the backstory of each villain is or how each villain tries to act cool and how saitama walks home even when we see him flying during fights. Sure thing though, this humourous touch enhances the entertainment value of the series.

Owing to the popularity the series has attained after the release of its anime, the geek-ternet has gone crazy. There have been loads of memes and stuffs going viral on the internet, say like what would One Punch Man do if he was in a particular anime or if he was to fight this character from this series and all — and believe me some are damn hilarious too. Like the Saitama’s DBZ spin off.


It’s called the DB X SAITAMA, where Saitama enters the DBZ world and fights Vegeta. And this might seem like a pretty serious kind of story with Vegeta in it, but it’s not. Where there is Saitama there is bound to be humor.

One Punch Man Saitama X Genos

Well I have not read it, but I am sure it’s pretty amazing from the screenshots I have seen. BTW it also lighted my imagination like what would happen if Saitama entered Fairy Tail, One Piece, Bleach, Assassination Classroom or even Fate / Zero. It will be pretty interesting if it actually happened. Anyway so to end with, this series has got a pretty amazing start. I mean it totally justifies the hype it got about it’s anime adaption. And from the response it has got from around the world and from the Geek-ternet I guess this series might go on to be the next big hit.

Have you watched the series? So what do u think about it? And what do you think about the article? Any suggestions? Give us your feedback by commenting below.

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