Hero for Fun Returns as One Punch Man is Gets Upgraded For Another Season

When it was airing last year, it was one of the most hottest anime round. Think of One Punch Man as the series which was perfect for fueling the internet culture.

The first season of the series was just a blast but if you are a avid manga reader like me, you would know that it only gets better. Fortunately, the fine folks at Madhouse announced yesterday that they will be renewing the series for yet another season.


For starters the story is based on a guy, rather a superhero named Saitama who is just a hero for fun. Chasing his dream to become a superhero, Saitama trained hard for 3 years and attained a level of physical superiority that no one has ever thought of, but somehow it turns out to be a bad thing for Saitama as he is unable to find an opponent or a villain who survive for more than a punch from him. The series follows his adventure and his life events as he passes each day as a superhero and as a normal human being.

Around all the superhero hype, this anime showcased a different kind of premise, the ordinary life of a superhero. If you haven’t seen the first season then just stop what you are doing and get busy. If you have seen it though, then here are some more series which might help you to fill the void created by OPM.

Unfortunately, there’s no release date yet but heck, I am excited for sure!

Source: ANN

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