On the Future of the Entertainment Industry

If somebody would had told me back in the days that Virtual Reality, Self Driving Cars & hoverboards would sooner be possible, I would had easily slammed that. Even if these forms of technology are not yet completely stable, they soon will be and that’s the best part.


Lexus Hoverboard

Entertainment industry will get a whole new dimension with innovation in the field of technology.

Heck, just in a few years you would be ditching your smartphones for wearables like Smart Glasses. Your gaming consoles would take gaming far off with Virtual Reality. I guess then even cable and cinema would be things of the past, maybe or maybe not.

“What used to be the movie business, in which I include television and movies … will be Internet television, The question will be: Do you want people to see it, or do you want people to see it on a big screen?” — George Lucas


Well cable is already dying with services like Netflix and Hulu but I can’t say that about Theatre movie watching experience. I think VR Headsets could easily simulate that experience but nothing has happened so far. It’s just like thinking that something like ‘Real Steel’ will replace wrestling.

But there might be new forms of entertainment in the future, the one’s you might not even think of. Just like how Drone Racing is picking up now, Robot marathon might too & so will there be interplanetary races.

Of course, entertainment isn’t just about telling stories or listening to music. It’s also about sports, arts, and many other recreation or leisure activities.

Imagine sitting on your couch but getting the virtual experience of being at a sports game. Imagine watching a movie with a VR Headset and getting a 360° perspective of that scene, I know live-action version of such movies would be tough to make but animated movies could easily adopt this. It would be a completely different form of entertainment.

As time is progressing creative boundaries are fading, but content creators needs to embrace technology or risk losing a younger generation of consumers who are relying more on the digital space for their content.

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