Does Warner Need No Jokes in DC Movies?

Right now Marvel is doing great on the big-screen and DC is no where near, but this only matters in the movie business. On the other hand DC universe has some interesting shows lineup for the small-screen but lets not get off-track. For Marvel humor is the key formula for making any of it’s movie a success, see Guardians of the Galaxy its doing a phenomenal business everywhere, numbers don’t lie!

Recently Hitflix reported that DC & Warner have decided to adapt a “No Jokes” policy as they want to portray more of a serious tone for it’s upcoming movies like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which opens in theaters in March 2016. Which also means that the upcoming The Flash motion picture may be totally serious and that is not one would expect from Flash.

DC has a good history with dark themed movies, just for instance The Dark Knight was DC/Warner’s highest grossing movie ever and even it may have tiny bits of jokes it was overall a serious movie. Even Man Of Steel was much on a serious side.


That doesn’t mean that DC didn’t produce movies with humor, consider the original Superman movies, which were full of humor amid the great action and storytelling or even the Batman movies from the 80’s & 90’s were funny and amazing. If you look carefully you can even tell that Marvel  movies now is what DC movies were before, direct adaptation from comics just the fact that Marvel has more of a modernized approach.

So what made them think about being all serious? Maybe that Green Lantern movie which did a terrible job on the box office or even that Batman & Robin movie. I think whatever genre may it be, it need those light fun-filled moments to lighten up the overall experience.

DC’s recently successful movies Dark Knight Trilogy & Man Of Steel weren’t that light-hearted and they were good especially the Dark Knight Trilogy it was awesome. According to McWeeney, this could be because “DC treats their superhero characters more like gods,” while Marvel are more inclined to see their creations as human and flawed.

Wonder Woman

Right now DC is preparing one of it’s heavy weight movie with characters which are like the key faces of DC Universe. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg & Flash all in one amazing movie which can only terribly go wrong or break all records for DC. Obviously they need to line-up themselves for this big move which is surely a big shot to Marvel. Consistency is key.

Of course let me clear this that these are just rumors but looking at the scenario I think DC might take these path for its Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but is unlikely to do same with other movies.

Lets face it though, Marvel’s Iron Man 3, The Avengers & Guardians OF Galaxy were all successful and humor was one of the key elements of those movies. Seriously all those high grossing figures portray that.

DC V Marvel

Marvel beats DC technically for now but in the future what will be scenarios who knows. Maybe comic book movies might not be a thing in the future, who knows. One is for sure that even if there will be scariest amount of humor there will be humor in DC’s movies and that may or may not be on a moderate level as compared to Marvel but that’s how it is. Obviously if we want we can go on and on comparing DC and Marvel and looking at why & why not “No Jokes” policy will work.

On a final note I would say that even if the movies are ‘Serious’ I won’t mind it, if they are totally awesome!

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