Night of the Living Deadpool #1-4

I love short comic arcs, I mean they are fun to read and also are less time consuming. Night of the Living Deadpool is one such miniseries which I enjoyed reading this week.

Zombie Apocalypse is one of the overused phenomenon in the pop culture may it be movies, TV shows or even comics for that matter.

Deadpool awakes from a food coma and finds out that Zombie Apocalypse has occurred.

Night of the Living Deadpool sure is a Zombie Apocalyptic take on Deadpool, but the thing also feels like The Walking Dead for some reasons. Since it’s a Deadpool comic it is supposed to be funny and full of pop culture references and it is. Since its a zombie themed comic, all other superheroes are already zombified and Deadpool is the only hero alive.

Deadpool X Zombies

When Deadpool woke up to find a world of Ambulatory Undead, he thought it was going to be loads of fun, with that movie with zombies in it. Instead, it turned out to be really depressing, like that TV show with zombies in it.

Yes! It’s a mostly black-and-white, grey tones book, which is obviously sort of a nod to the original “Night of the Living Dead” by George Romero. Written by  Cullen Bunn of popular Deadpool Kills.  The plot follows Deadpool recklessly as he wanders around the zombie virus affected region and one thing I have learned from Zombies in pop culture is that eventually everyone dies, but anything can happen with Deadpool. Obviously I would not like to spoil the comic for you and so I would keep the plot to bare minimum.

I am glad that this is a short arc and not a full fledged arc because in the end the story becomes depressing and it doesn’t feel like they could add more to it.

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