Did The New Batman V Superman Trailer Reveal too Much?

So folks you’ll must have read the article published recently where Sid shared his opinion on the much hyped Batman V Superman Trailer, if not, check it out over here. So here’s the thing, the new Dawn of Justice trailers were released this week. The first 30 seconds trailer was released after the Mid Season Finale of Gotham and the next as we know it was released this Thursday which took the Geekternet down.

The Trailers didn’t fail in anyway to amaze its fans. However lately the movie has received a lot criticism about the latest Trailer. The criticism had some pretty legitimate points too. So I researched a bit about all the buzz going around and concluded with some points which I felt were fair enough. So here are some of the things which I find were wrong with the trailer.

Lex Bruce Clark

So firstly in an event organized by Lex Luthor, Clark Kent tries to make Bruce Wayne understand about how Batman has become a threat to the society. Overall all it was a pretty good scene. However, Batsie lets his fists do the work without any killing, destruction etc unlike Superman whose feud with Zodd destroyed an entire city, killing innumerable humans. So logically speaking, shouldn’t the people question Superman’s motive more?

Lex Luthor

Secondly Lex Luthor played by Jesse Eisenberg is revealed in the same scene too. No offence to Jesse, but for those who have followed DC comics and the animated series will recollect Lex Luthor as a Dusk color guy with a good physique, unimaginable genius, astounding stature and a badass personality and voice. Jesse Eisenberg cuts it for the genius kinda guy from what is seen in the trailer, but his appearance doesn’t really add up to the level of impact the guy in the comic had on us.

Lex Luthor Jr

Maybe he’s Lex Luthor Jr

But there’s a catch. There is a theory that Jesse Eisenberg is not actually Luthor, but he is his son Luthor Jr. The theory started to make more sense when an official promotional Lex Luthor account tweeted “Father would have been so proud” in reply to a magazine tweet. However I guess we have to wait for the movie to get to know the actual truth.

Then the story revealed to us till now doesn’t seem to follow the comic book path. This can be majorly seen in two occasions.

First, Batman vs Superman battle was the last battle Bruce Wayne fights as Batman when he is all old and tired. It all happens after the entire Justice League and stuff. But here things are a bit different. According to the interview given by Michael Wilkinson, DoJ’s Costume designer, Bruce has already served as Batman for more than 20 years but there’s still no sign of the Justice League in the universe.

General Zodd

Secondly, Doomsday. The trailer seems to give us an idea like Luthor created the ultimate soldier from the remains of General Zod. However, in comics it’s more like an alien researcher named Bertron who tried to create an Ultimate Soldier who could survive the Hellish environment of Krypton before life was developed on it.


Talking about Doomsday. According to me, revealing Doomsday was a ‘NO NO’ for me. I say this because there was a big buzz in the Geek world as to which DCU villain apart from Luthor would be used to test out our Heroes like Bizarro, Doomsday, Joker and many others in the candidature.. They should have kept the buzz alive till the very end as a Marketing strategy.


Wraith from the Superman series

There are speculations that the villain revealed is not Doomsday but Wraith from the Superman series. There’s a 50-50 chance for it. Firstly according to Comics, Wraith who has similar powers to that of Superman and a gigantic physique operates under the US government and has helped it secretly in times of crisis. The story line may possibly be Wraith working for the US government and being ordered to kill both the Vigilantes while they were fighting as they were seen more like a threat to Mankind. But the appearance of Zodd gives that Krypton element which says that creature is Doomsday. So all we can do is to wait to have our answers.

Justice League DC Animation

Instead they should have revealed some of the other Heroes who were already known like the Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg who are the founding members of the Justice League in the comic universe. Wilkinson in his interview, did reveal the idea of The Flash i.e. Ezra Miller will make a cameo appearance in the movie.


Finally the last thing which I want to point out in the trailer is the part where we see the trinity of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman team up to fight a common enemy. I mean eventually they were going to team up, everyone knew that but why kill the epicness and the awesomeness that scene would have created in the theatres.

But whatever I think the flaws might be, overall I must say that the trailer looks pretty awesome and I am really excited and so are the Fans seeing the Geekternet explode with joy upon the release of the trailer this week. Let’s just hope that the actual movie leaves us spellbound as the trailer has done this week.

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  • Siddhesh Shivade

    Great article buddy.. But for me i think doomsday is a perfect candidate for beginning the justice league, here’s the reason why, i know that doomsday arc is mostly going to end up in death of superman storyline. But my point being thats what the heroes need to form a league. Remember batman and superman are gonna fight in the movie, so as i think superman has to do something so great that people will recognize the kind of hero he is, that is the ideal of hope. Coming back to doomsday, yes he evolves as he is killed everytime and grows more spikes. For me after these above reasons is that for the first time im gonna see the trinity to fight out a classic villain on big screen with potentially other member like aquaman and flash coming in too, im sold for it. Coming on wether it revealed much? Yes and no too, ok doomsday is revealed but we have no clue which doomsday story will they do, will he die? Will he evolve? Will we see more potential villains such as darkseid or braniac? So much is going in this film. If this project fails I’m still not gonna regret it cuz im getting to watch all the heroes together!

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