The All New Batman V Superman Trailer Changes Everything

So till now most of you might have seen the all new Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer. And I have to say that I was very thrilled by this one. But for some reasons I loved the first trailer even more. This trailer gave us a really good glimpse of the alter egos of our main heroes. And we also got some humor from Mr. Lex Luthor, which was quite a surprise in a movie like this. Most of the trailer was very well cut and giving us the opinions on both sides. Alfred seems quite worried that this is an open suicide for Batman. We also saw that Bruce was in Metropolis the whole time this all happened. And yeah that exclusive sneak we got was actually a dream which was my first thought too.


Now let’s get to the Juicy part of the trailer which got us jumping out of the chair. Yes we saw Lex use Zod’s body to create the “Demon” in the words of Lex. Yes folks DOOMSDAY just frickin came out of nowhere and was standing in front of our heroes who were busy fighting. And Doomsday wasting no time fired his gigantic laser beam on our Heroes, only to be stopped by the very beautiful Wonder Woman’s shield. And Superman be like,” She with you?” , and Batman in his epic growly voice,” I thought she was with you”. And we get our first Trinity shot which looks pretty EPIC.


OK, now what do I like and what I don’t. Firstly I loved the Way Ben Affleck’s Batman looks and acts in this trailer. I am not gonna lie but from the beginning I was team Batfleck, the Bruce Wayne also looks very Retro, which reminded very much of the Batman The animated series. But the tension in the trailer looks very real. Finally I liked what Superman said in the trailer, that if he wanted to kill him, he’d be dead already. And we thought yep that’s absolutely true. And ofcourse loved Doomsday, though I have some concerns about the way he looks in this movie. I absolutely had speculations on Doomsday, Bizzaro and Darkseid, and my very first guess came out to be true. So the first thought is, Is this Death of Superman story? We will see it when the movie comes out.

Lex Luthor

What I don’t like is Lex Luthor. Ya I am quite not sold on his character, yet I could be proved wrong when the movie comes out. Many people criticized Zack Snyder for a heavy use of CGI in Man of Steel. Ya and it shows in this one too. Another thing that concerned me was the way Doomsday looks. Ok I know that with every death Doomsday evolves and gets better and prone to the thing that killed him. The movie is yet 4 months away we will see that whether he will will evolve into what we know how he looks in the comics.

Bruce v Clark

That’s it folks I really loved this trailer and I am eagerly waiting for the movie to come out. So what do you think of the trailer let me know in the comments.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theatres on March 23rd, 2016.

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