Netflix’s Rising Dominance in Anime Streaming Exclusivity With Blame!

The upcoming Blame! anime movie adaptation will be a Netflix original anime film and after watching the trailer I am already excited.

Excerpt from Netflix Press Release:

Blame! is set in the distant future where what’s left of the human race resides within the Megastructure, a vast and dangerous labyrinth that has grown wild and out of control. Thrown into this world is the mysterious Killy, a strange individual who is on a quest to bring civilization back from the brink of oblivion.

First appearing as a manga from 1997 to 2003, the much-awaited animated film adaptation of Blame! will be available as a Netflix original twenty years since its initial run.

But that’s not all, the second season of The Seven Deadly Sins will also be a Netflix Original. Even the producer behind Attack on Titan is creating an exclusive 12-episode series called Perfect Bones.

Right now, Crunchyroll is the golden standard in the Anime Streaming industry. Statistically a vast majority of International audience prefer watching Anime online rather than on cable, and Netflix being the world’s biggest subscription based entertainment site can really make a difference.

Although Netflix’s anime library has definitely been expanding slowly it’s not large enough to challenge Crunchyroll. Still Netflix has its eyes to be a major competitor in anime streaming.

Anyway, I am just surprised that Netflix seem to be killing it with all this anime related content as of late

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