Nano List Is Badass Action Thriller Which Is Fun To Read

Nano List is a comic you should be reading just right now. Okay, I might sound a bit too excited but seriously it is good.

The story is set in a future where androids, like really conscious robots have blended in the human society. The story focuses around a regular high schooler named Milo, who happens to be the brother of a really important person behind a deadly android named Nano.

Nano is kind of a big deal, she is a brutal killer so obviously there will be people who would be in search of here to take her away. Now here’s the deal, she happens to be living with Milo. So these folks who are behind Nano are also behind Milo because firstly he stays with Nano and secondly Milo’s sister created Nano and never revealed how so there’s that.


I know that premise might sound like a super serious story but apparently it isn’t. To be honest there surely are those bloody moments in those fights but there’s also a massive amount of humor accompanying that serious tone.

Which brings me to the characters of this series and to be honest they are quite interesting. I mean each character has a side which is kept in dark (for a while) and that peaks my interest. Not perfect when it comes to character development but still pretty amazing with what it has.

As far as the art goes, it is pleasant straightforward, not too overstated, but not overly simplistic either. It has an interesting color palette, but at the same time it isn’t over saturated.

I like how this is a kind of story which is unique to itself, although it follow some of the usual tropes but it always manages to keep you excited. It is something you would start reading and dive straight into it.

Nano List is created by Songah Min and it is available on Line Webtoons. Click here to read it out and be amazed.

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