‘My Love Story!!’ Manga Ended With 100 Page Final Chapter 

Ore Monogatari!! or My Love Story!! was a fan-favorite romantic comedy series. Even the Anime adaptation of this series was a great hit. While the fan of the Anime series are helplessly waiting for season 2, the fans of the Manga had to bid adieu to the series.

The final chapter of My Love Story!! has been published in the August 2016 issue of Shueisha’s Bessatsu Margaret shōjo manga magazine. The issue was published in Japan on July 13, 2016.

The final chapter will be a treat for the fans as it will be have 100 pages but that’s not it. It will also include comments from the Anime adaptation of the series.

My Love Story!! Manga

It was also announced that the 13th and final volume of the collected manga will be released in Japan in September of 2016. An English language version of My Love Story!! is published by Viz under their Shojo Beat imprint.

Here’s the synopsis of the series by MAL:

With his muscular build and tall stature, Takeo Gouda is not exactly your average high school freshman. However, behind his intimidating appearance hides a heart of gold, and he is considered a hero by the boys for his courage and chivalry. Unfortunately, these traits do not help much with his love life. As if his looks are not enough to scare the opposite sex away, Takeo’s cool and handsome best friend and constant companion Makoto Sunakawa easily steals the hearts of the female students—including every girl Takeo has ever liked. When Takeo gallantly saves cute and angelic Rinko Yamato from being molested, he falls in love with her instantly, but suspects that she might be interested in Sunakawa. With his own love for Yamato continuing to bloom, Takeo unselfishly decides to act as her cupid, even as he yearns for his own love story.

Meanwhile, if you still haven’t seen the Anime series, go right now over at Hulu or Crunchyroll to rejoice your weekend.


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