Mr Robot, A Psychological Hacker Drama You Just Can’t Miss

Hacking in the mainstream pop culture is something like a fantasy. We see a hacker randomly pressing a bunch of buttons and viola he saves the world. There is even an immense amount of action involved.

They real image is quite far from that, I am not saying that the stereotypical image portrayed isn’t possible — say for instance Scorpion which was based on ‘True Events’. Of course it was highly spiced and dramatized but still showcased things somewhat rightly.

Scorpion portrayed a so called ‘hacker’ as an antisocial person with various mental issues and that is somewhat what the real picture looks like and not like a guy who flirts with girls and acts like a douche.

Mr Robot Society

Mr Robot takes a look at the other side of a hacker mindset, the way we have anonymous now. Hackers who want to create a revolution with their digital weapons.

At the surface when I first heard about the show I thought it was going to be a usual drama series like Scorpion was, again I don’t think it was bad but bluntly speaking it wasn’t anything special.

Okay, so getting back to Mr Robot, The series follows Rami Malek as Elliot who is a young computer programmer who suffers from an antisocial disorder and connects to people by hacking them. He is soon meets Mr Robot (Christian Slater) who recruits hackers like Elliot to bring a digital revolution and spread Anarchism in the society.

mr robot

Technology is what makes Mr Robot interesting, still no amount of visual effects or spectacle will make hacking exciting if the characters are boring and the stories bland. This show looks exciting, complexity is couched in clean, visually striking execution that ably manages the challenge of making people sitting in front of computers doing computer stuff dynamic and engaging.

Mr Robot premiered at SXSW and will hit your TV screens on June 24 on USA. Judging the show based only on its pilot, Mr Robot feels like the best show of the summer and on track to be a modern classic.

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