When You Mix Disney & Marvel, You Get ‘Big Hero 6’

big_hero_6_coverUntil now I have just seen the teaser & the first trailer of the upcoming movie from the house of Disney titled ‘Big Hero 6’ and you get it or not but Marvel has a big influence in this. After buying Marvel five years ago, Disney’s animation team is finally taking on its first comic-book hero, and it’s certainly having a lot of fun with it. The movie looks more like every Disney movie and to me it somewhat has the vibe of the time The Incredibles was coming out!

In this movie protagonist Hiro Hamada & his robot Baymax along with a bunch of high tech heroes assemble to save the day. At least this is what happens in the comic but looking the teaser and the trailer it seems like the movie will be more focussed toward Hiro & his robot Baymax.

I liked the character designs and think it will quite interesting to watch it out, especially the robot Baymax he seems funny. Obviously the first trailer doesn’t focus much on the other characters but as the movie nears the release date there will be some material out anytime.

In general perspective, the mix of darker material with action and all the more cheerful components has a tendency to be best. I think this movie will be fabulous although it might seem a bit childish from the approach but I think the awesome brains Marvel and amazing artists from Disney do stand a chance to turn this into a masterpiece.

Do you know that Disney is also releasing a Manga based on the story of Big Hero 6 which will be serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine (Prequel/Episode 0) on Aug. 6 and the story will continue after that in Magazine Special  starting Aug 20. The manga will be titled Baymax and it isn’t clear how much of the story will it cover still this sounds like a interesting marketing approach by Disney.

While last year’s Frozen saw Disney somewhat return to a more classic form of storytelling, their next animation brings them to the future.

Directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams, Big Hero 6 lands in theaters November 7.

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