The Marvel Universe is Ending!

The current Marvel universe is ongoing since 76 years, although many characters lasted few years than that but now it is going to end and to be precise, in May this year.

May is a big month for Marvel fans, not only the release Avengers:Age of Ultron, but a new comic will also be released that will change the landscape of the Marvel Universe.

Last Days

Marvel announced this week that Secret Wars #1 will combine the original Marvel Universe: Earth 616 and the Ultimate Universe into one large universe known as Battleworld, it’s a multiverse thing that will bring heroes from different story-lines in one.

That doesn’t means it ends there though, when they will be done with Secret Wars, the entire Marvel universe will reboot, just in the way DC pulled off the New 52.

I think this is a good move though, as there will be more readers now thanks to the ever growing popularity of the comic book movies and TV show, new readers would find it easier to pick up comics because they don’t know that Peter Parker is married and many complex stuff that happened in the universe over time.

We still don’t know if this is going to be a complete reboot or the some of the popular series might run along with the reboot versions, like being based in alternate universes.

Can Marvel do better job than DC?, well I don’t know, Although DC’s New 52 was a brilliant idea it was poorly executed, for starters it did boost sales but not to the point it could.

Official Press Release

The skies go dark and the world begins to fracture. Secret Wars is coming, and with it the destruction of the Marvel Universe as we know it. Today, Marvel is proud to announce LAST DAYS, the first of three different types of series taking place during the upcoming, highly anticipated Secret Wars!

“What would you do if you learned today was your last day on Earth?” says Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso. “That’s the question your favorite Marvel heroes are going to ask themselves in their LAST DAYS storylines as they brace for Secret Wars and the end of the Marvel Universe.”

Battleworld is set to transform the Marvel Universe as you know it. But before Secret Wars can begin, this chapter must come to a close. What will our heroes do with their final hours? What secrets will be unearthed? Who will they want to spend their LAST DAYS with?

“LAST DAYS is the first of three new brandings for series unique to Secret Wars,” says Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel. “Each branding will bear its own unique trade dress and logo treatment, clearly defining its relationship to the main Secret Wars story. This will make it easier for fans to experience the full scope of Secret Wars. Don’t dare miss these epic tales as our heroes face their impending obliteration!”

Before Secret Wars can begin, the Marvel Universe must end. And it all starts this May as the entire planet faces their LAST DAYS!

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