Marvel is Making Some Big Changes to its Comics

Back in January when Marvel announced their Secret Wars event, they even told the world that everything in the Marvel universe will change but unlike DC — Marvel is making some really big changes.

Referring to the relaunch as ‘All New’ and ‘All Different’ Marvel is now planning a complete reset that will introduce new characters, and make significant changes to existing ones.

“This is not a reboot,” Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso told CBR. “We are not erasing our history, or throwing away any old stories; we are building on our history. The Marvel Universe that greets readers in ‘All-New, All-Different Marvel’ is going to be the Marvel Universe that you know and love — and recognize — but it’s also going to include some new stuff — new characters, new places, new things, new artifacts of great importance — that should make it even more interesting.”

So What’s Changing?

All the Marvel titles will start from issue #1 with some significant background story changes.

All New All Different

The image above compiled by IGN is quite helpful. Not quite long ago Marvel made some big changes to some icon characters like Jane Foster becoming the new Thor, the African-American Sam Wilson taking over as Captain America, the introduction of a Muslim teenager from Jersey City as Ms. Marvel and the creation of an all-female Avengers called A-Force, among others.

While DC is accustomed to resetting it’s entire comic universe all the time, for Marvel this is the first time. It’s not like they haven’t don’t it but it’s more like they haven’t done it completely.

But Why Now?

Comic Book TV Series/Movies are one of the hottest properties right now. Millions of new fans are added every year and some of those might also want to dive deeper with comics but unfortunately the long rooting stories avoid them from doing so.

So now both Marvel & DC are trying to simplify comics so that both new and old fans can enjoy. Still change is difficult, not every long term reader will enjoy these changes.

BTW, Matt Wilson, a colorist for Marvel who worked on the just-released All-New, All-Different Marvel posters, has released a series of stand-alone images featuring the characters who appeared on those teaser posters. Check’em out!

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