Marvel Comics Come Alive In These New Cosplay Variant Covers

Last week Marvel released their next batch of awesome Cosplay Variant for their upcoming titles. Just like last year, they feature Marvel fans in painstakingly detailed recreations of iconic Marvel characters.

“The response to our first set of Cosplay Variants was so incredible, we simply had to do a second wave,” said Axel Alonso, Marvel Editor-in-Chief, in a press release. “And, of course, we were able to find a great crop of cosplayers with some truly fantastic costumes. We’re thrilled to shine a spotlight on an ever-growing community that continues to show love for us and our characters.”

The new series of covers feature fans dressed up as some iconic Marvel characters like Dazzler, Punisher, Scarlet Witch, Squirrel Girl, Galactus and more.

Around 15 different series will get the cosplay variant treatment, beginning in September and running throughout the fall. You can check out 13 of the covers below.

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