How Marvel Comics Will Influence The Future Of Marvel Entertainment

Ever since it was acquired by Disney, Marvel’s Cinematic Universe had became a bigger cash cow for the company. However, it doesn’t mean that they are going to neglect their roots, after all they just refreshed their comic book universe quite recently.

Comics are the perfect staple for any cinematic universe as it always a tested formula. Success of the comics showcases the likeability of the arc among the readers and similarly ensures good pointers for the big screen viewers.

Marvel Cover

In an Interview with Comic Book Resources, Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada perfectly summed up why comic books are their major focus even today;

“If Marvel is a wheel, comics are the hub and everything else spokes out,” he said. “Movies, TV…they’re all spokes of the wheel. If you want to know what the future is, in the movies, television, video games, animation — pick up the comics, because there’s a very good possibility that the stuff you’re reading today will eventually find itself — or a version of it — in one of our media outlets.”

“If you look at the stuff we’re producing in studios right now — Civil War, right? Civil War was 10 year ago, and here we are, it’s this huge movie. It’s the same thing in our television division — Jessica Jones was a comic, and that was more than ten years ago”

It’s amazing to see Marvel spreading its wings across various spectrums of geek entertainment industry but no matter how successful it becomes elsewhere it should never forget the comics. Like you can enjoy that last Civil War movie or binge watch Jessica Jones on Netflix or just freaking find some cool Avengers slots machine games that you can play online from pc or mobile. No matter what you enjoy, if suddenly there were no Marvel Comics nothing would survive.

Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl

That said, some of the recent Marvel Comics have not been on par with the creative prowess of some of the lesser known publishers like Image and Valiant. What Marvel needs is fresher new titles and not just remixed previously popular characters in the name of Diversity like the Asian Hulk. Although I really liked Miles Morales Spiderman, I would rather love to see something more like the Squirrel Girl series.

Afterall, More amazing comics equals more amazing movies!

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