Why is Marvel Comics ditching the Fantastic Four?

In May 2015, Marvel released the last issue of Fantastic Four #645 — written by James Robinson and illustrated by Leonard Kirk. Fantastic Four is also Marvel’s longest running series till date.

Fantastic Four Finale

Marvel has no plans for any Fantastic Four comics in the near future.

You can even see that in the Secret Wars event, where the Fantastic Four is nowhere seen as a team, atleast Doctor Doom is in it.

Marvel’s leaked teasers to their all-new lineup didn’t just reveal the titles but also what will possibly happen with Fantastic Four and others. First off there is no new lineup of Fantastic Four, still we will see the characters in different series. Like the Human Torch is seen hanging out with Inhumans while The Thing is possibly going to be a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy but the Invisible Girl & Reed Richards are not seen anywhere. Meanwhile Galactus is going to be in The Ultimates (seriously!).

This all is a part of the Marvel licensing drama.

We all know that Marvel desperately needs film rights to all of Marvel Comics’ characters. Thankfully Sony reached an agreement with Marvel with it’s Spider-Man franchise but Fox isn’t doing that anytime sooner.

Fantastic Four Movie

Fox currently owns rights to X-Men & Fantastic Four characters — and that’s huge because even if Fox failed with Fantastic Four many times their X-Men franchise is just working quite amazingly.

Marvel surely isn’t happy with that, they even want X-Men & Fantastic Four characters to join their cinematic universe. So to make Fox fail Marvel is doing everything it could.


I don’t think Marvel can ever cut X-Men from their comics book lineup as $$$ matters too — but Fantastic Four even if it was monumental isn’t going to impact that much to Marvel as it will with X-Men. And, sadly, you’ll continue to see a very small representation of X-Men and Fantastic Four characters in toys and other licensed products.

But movie business, and comics are two different things, putting them in the same category isn’t that just wrong? I can only hope that the Fantastic Four soon returns to the forefront of Marvel’s publishing line up.

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