After Martian Manhunter, Now Bizarro Set To Appear On Supergirl

I know Supergirl isn’t the hottest show around, maybe because of that weak opening but as few episodes passed I think the show just became awesome.

Martian Manhunter

He hardly gets a screen on time.

I mean seriously, who would’ve thought that Martian Manhunter would show up in the series. I literally jumped off my chair when he said he is J’onn J’onzz, the last son of Mars.

Anyways moving on, this week during an interview on Kevin Smith’s Fatman on Batman podcast Exec producer Andrew Kreisberg mentioned that soon in the series they’re gearing up to debut another interesting fan favorite.


Enter Toyman

“We’ve got the Toyman coming up. We got Bizarro.”

Yikes! It was known for some time that Henry Czerny would appear on the show as Toyman, but this is the first mention that’s been made of Bizarro.

Bizarro v Supergirl

Before getting all hyped up and excited lemme tell you that it isn’t clear which “Bizarro” Kreisberg was speaking of, but it’s probably going to be Bizarro-Girl.

Bizarro-Girl is from Htrae, aka Bizarro World, a reversed mirror image of the regular DC Universe Earth.

Supergirl is currently on holiday hiatus, having left us with the cliffhanger of Kara about to clash with Non, and will resume Season 1 on Jan. 4.

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