Mario Warfare is an Epic Mario Web Series Worth Watching

Yesterday I stumbled upon this interesting fan-made series called Mario Warfare. For starters it was created by Beat Down Boogie and trust me it is awesome. When I saw this I knew nothing about what I about to be presented with, I mean I expected no plot or a proper storyline but boy I was so wrong.

Bowser’s airships rain destruction on the Mushroom Kingdom. The King is missing, presumed dead. The Princess is on the run. A couple plumbers answer the call of duty and sign up to fight. Now Mario, Luigi (and a team of old school video game characters) are thrown into the gritty new world of first person shooters like COD and Battlefield.

The Nintendo Universe

It’s a loving parody of classic video games and epic action-films. BTW, there are 8 episode of this crowdfunded series and you will be surprised to find bunch of your favorite video game characters like Donkey Kong, Ash & Link. See all the episodes below and don’t forget to checkout Beat Down Boogie’s YouTube channel for more such awesomeness.

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