What Makes Comics & Manga Different From Each Other

Western Comics & Manga are both amazing, they both have a huge following and both are equally diverse.

While the term manga is essentially a translation of comic, American comics and Japanese manga are quite different in pacing, storytelling, themes and the use of adult themes such as sex and violence.

Starting with the most common types in each case, if you look Western Comics they tend to focus most on action scenes while Manga trying to focus more on the emotional side. This makes Manga quite slower paced than comics as emphasis is put largely on character developments.

Comics usually are mostly based around superheroes, although not all of them are superhero based but majority of the popular comics are based on superheroes, making them family friendly. Manga on the other hand, tackle many sexual themes with a ease but eventually they turn out to be basic slice of life stories.

Cultural differences makes things more interesting, say like how each of them is consumed is vastly different, comics are available in their independent issues and then latter in compiled volumes based on arcs but Manga is consumed from this thick magazines which is like a compilation of various different mangas and they are also available in compiled volumes but they don’t follow arcs but roughly they feature a fixed numbers of chapters in every volume, orderly of course, but now since everything is digital getting individual issues in both cases isn’t though.

Art is inconsistent in case of some Manga but that’s mostly because most of the mangakas release their new chapters on weekly basis and comics take a month for that.

One of the major observable difference between Manga and Western comics is their art. Manga are usually gray scale and comics are all colored mostly because comics are drawn by a group of artists while Manga is drawn by an individual artists and sometimes along with 1-2 assistants.

One more thing I would love to bring is spotlight is about Indie Comics and Manga. Although on both sides big names rule the market, it is fairly easy for independent comic artist to get noticed than an independent mangaka. As most of the independent manga never reach out of Japan.

Still what matters in the end is the content, both have really diverse stories to tell, even if not everything might not be gold in both the cases, someones are, and they are really immersive.

So finally what is better, Manga or Comics? that is a really tough question as both are quite awesome. It finally depends on the reader whichever he enjoys more. I personally read both and always enjoy both no matter what they are.

Image Credits: Comic Vine

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