Luke Cage Might Not Be Great But it Sure is Entertaining

Now, following two seasons of Daredevil and one season of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage was sure to follow the streak. One of the best things about Marvel’s growing set of shows on Netflix is how each has managed to create its own distinct feel while not straying too far from the overall tone.

Let me get is straight though, unlike Daredevil and Jessica Jones this show is messy but it still delivers an entertaining story with a strong character developments.

Taking place several months after Jessica Jones, Cage has relocated to Harlem from Hell’s Kitchen, and is attempting to keep a low profile, sweeping up hair in a local barbershop and washing dishes at the Paradise nightclub, the latter of which is owned by crime boss Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes (Mahershala Ali).

Initially, Cage isn’t looking to fight crime. But Stokes’s evil influence weasels its way into Cage’s barbershop and threatens the people close to Cage. That leads him to take matters into his own hands, taking out the threats one by one.

What’s most impressive about Luke Cage is how it manages to marry this fairly straightforward premise with a rich collection of cultural and historical allusions.


The titular protagonist is, of course, a black superhero. But the series explores the vulnerability of black lives to make an important point about its extraordinary man with indestructible skin.

Still, the series is far from perfect. Like its streaming predecessors, Cage comes out swinging in the first hour. But soon after, the narrative haymakers of the premiere are reduced to a succession of quick jabs, as the series is forced to dance around for several hours in order to fill up time until the plot picks back up around episode 7, something just like the second season of Mr Robot.

Luke Cage suffers from trying to be too many different things at once.

Yet, it is the boldest thing Marvel has ever done. As he is the superhero that the world seems to need most right now, mainly because he’s the most real.

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