Why I Love the TV Show Arrow, and Why Should You Watch It

Until recently I hadn’t watched Arrow and I seriously regret it.

The show is just amazing, I mean for starters I was skeptical, as I thought what can a hero with no powers and just a bow and arrow can do but I was wrong.

Arrow is more than just a guy in a green suit fighting bad guys with a bow and arrow, he has skills and more than that the way the show is presented is just brilliant.

Now that the show will soon enter the second half of its third season, I must say this that I just can’t wait for more of it. If you are following The Flash this season (and if you aren’t you should), I must say that this show much better than that.

For starters, Arrow follows Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, a filthy rich billionaire who is secretly a vigilante that knocks down criminals with his arrows.



Comic book heroes are a thing now, I mean there are a lot of shows this season which are based on comics and if not just now, even previously there were some amazing shows like Smallville which rocked the small screens.


First of all I think the chemistry between every individual character in the show is amazing and not just that even the actors are top notch. I can say that because I have watched The Flash and even if the show is good with its twists and turns I think that the actors are just not that great and even feels cheesy most of the times but it’s nothing like that with the Arrow.

For some reason though I think Microsoft has put a lot of money in the show, seriously because if somebody’s using a computer or a tablet in this show, he ought to be showcasing it running Windows 8.

Arrow Deathstroke

I should also mention those action scenes are just so amazing, I liked the way they chose to use very less amount of CGI, because that just makes the show even more amazing. For a TV show that level of action is just awesome. I sometimes tend to think if I am watching a movie.

Did I say anything about the sidekicks! Well, you will be amazed as the story leads ahead.

One thing I like about DC is that their shows have no connection with the cinematic universe. That makes the writers stick to the point and don’t force an abrupt changes in the show just to connect with the movies. I know that CW does these Arrow/Flash crossovers but for most parts they aren’t that affecting each of their universes.

I should tell you though that while the first season was phenomenal, the show just dropped it’s level in the second season, which didn’t make it that worse but the level set by the first season was damn too high but it seems like the third season is catching up with those mistakes and is so far, amazing.

So I am not saying that this is the best show ever or best Superhero show for that matter but whatever it is, it’s pretty amazing. I like that this show has a Nolan-like approach and even after being a sort of dark themed show, has such amazing reviews.

Arrow Amused

So are you watching this show? Never seen it? or just hate it? Comment below. 

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