Life is Strange: Episode 1, Teenage Drama Meets Time Travel

Life is Strange is a episodic telltale game by the developer Dontnod, a game vastly different from their most recent title, Remember Me.

At core Life is Strange is a teenage drama series which puts you into the shoes of a teenage girl named Max, who returns to her childhood hometown of Arcadia Bay, Oregon to attend a prestigious art academy.

Oh! Did I mention she can reverse time.

A range of things happen to her, like the ones you would expect from any teenage drama but since here she can go back in time for a short duration, she can fix some incidents happening around her, like saving a girl’s life to making some smart choices.

Max & Chloe

I don’t like to giveaway spoilers, so I won’t. Still lets talk a bit about characters. Since this is a teenage drama, the characters are based around the High School environment. Still they are quite generic, like an annoying rich girl, a drug dealer, an unnecessarily strict principal and that concerned teacher.

Max’s childhood friend, Chloe surely stands out from the crowd and obviously she should, since she will be with Max for most of the time in the story.

Max's Bedroom

The narrative of this game is great but dialogs are kinda terrible. The game looks amazing though, I mean it just feels like I am actually watching a series or something. Like when you enter a new location for first time you are given a nice cinematic overview and that just makes things more better in natural environments like parks or forests. I even like the art style.

Even if the game looks amazing there is one flaw that I just can’t overlook, the way the animation of lips looks out of sync with the dialogs, it just feels frustrating considering the length of the episode. Still the soundtrack is pleasing, and goes smoothly with the narrative.

Life is Strange is one of the best telltale game I have played, the ability to rewind time just separates it from most of the other telltale games out there. I agree that the game isn’t challenging a bit nor it is complete but still the overall experience is great.

One can surely get curious about the events that could happen ahead and that combined with some interesting character development is what we can look forward to in the upcoming episodes.

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