Latest TV Series Scorpion Had A Lot Of Potential

I know every TV network needs a “Nerdy” TV show, that’s the reason why shows like The Big Bang theory, IT Crowd and many more exist but hold on! wait a second, these shows just appear to be nerdy but on the outside but inside they are just your usual stereotypical drama.

Scorpion TV Title

Scorpion also joins these shows in terms of being stereotype but this doesn’t mean the show is bad, just like the other shows I mentioned this one is also a good show but not nerdy as it portrays itself.

Walter O’Brien is a genius, there is no doubt in that, he along with his fellow nerds forms a company called Scorpion which helps the Govt in investigation.

The pilot episode displays a young Walter who hacks into NASA and fast forward few years ahead he quits the Govt agency and forms his own group called Scorpion which later on ends up helping the Govt. The characters are portrayed as antisocial and are helped by a waitresses to socialize with the world.

For a show which is not written by nerdy writers they usually show nerds randomly pressing a few keys on a bunch of computers and once in a while using technical jargon.

Instead the show focuses on social life of the characters which is not bad but I think this isn’t the show all about socializing and fighting crime.

Scorpion Team

To be fair enough I am still watching Scorpion and will continue to do so because it is a good show but I am unhappy because this show just couldn’t be what it wanted to be, and with it’s current ratings the show seems strong.

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