KonoSuba isn’t Your Usual RPG Anime, A Totally Silly Yet Fun Show

Every year we have some good & bad shows and in between that crowd we have some really great shows!

KonoSuba isn’t one of those great shows but it’s definitely good. Maybe this is one of those shows which portrays that they have a clear objective but they actually don’t. That’s not a problem though because it does so many things right.

The series begins with an epic scene where the protagonist, Kazuma saves a girl from hitting a truck while dying in the process. Although that might sound really heroic like a scene from Yu Yu Hakusho but it wasn’t. Turns out he wasn’t hit by a truck. There was no truck there in the first place, it was a slow ass tractor and even it stopped before it could hit Kazuma. So how he died you ask? Apparently from Shock.


The doctors and ever Kazuma parents can’t stop laughing at how he died. Following his embarrassing demise, he meets a goddess named Aqua who offers him two choices either to live his entire eternity in heaven or to get sent to a another world to defeat the Demon King and then get reincarnated.

Kazuma been a shut-in chooses to start a new life in a real-life RPG.

Unlike other shows, the protagonist here isn’t powerful at all. It’s the tricks up his sleeves and the wonders of his not so great party members that he manages to stay afloat.

KonoSuba 2

When I first heard that that the anime was adapted from Light Novel I instantly thought that this was going to be trash but it in’t.

With other shows telling great stories or exploring philosophy and other themes, KonoSuba ignores all that and focuses on pure entertainment. It is actually the most hilarious show since Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun.

Drunken RPG

Fortunately, KonoSuba just got renewed for Season 2. That means more of this silly awesomeness awaits. Meanwhile if you haven’t seen this series yet, you can do it right now on CrunchyRoll.

If you’ll have already watched KonoSuba, I would really recommend you’ll to watch The Familiar of Zero, as it is quite similar to KonoSuba and apparently is also funny.

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