Kara No Kyoukai: A Beautiful, Yet Complicated Anime Movie Series

Kara No Kyoukai is set in a modern fantasy universe, a universe like the most recent Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works. The series deals with the paranormal and tackles mature themes such as suicide, rape, patricide, incest and murder. It draws its story from various psychological and mythological concepts which just makes it more better.


Before talking about the story, lemme tell you about the format. First off we are talking 8 movies over here and to make it even worse they are not in chronological order but they are actually supposed to be watched in order they released at least I did.

kara no kyoukai eyes 2

Ryougi Shiki is not your everyday girl, she possess this special ability called ‘Mystic Eyes of Death Perception’ in simple words she can see death points of every being. She works with Aozaki Touko, an experienced mage — together they solve supernatural cases. Although there’s more to this than this but let’s not spoil the fun.

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Kara No Kyoukai is as dark as it could get, it’s one of the best mystery thrillers I have seen. I think the way it is presented might not please everyone like the characters are introduced in the second movie or the slow pacing of the series. Though I think this happens with every mature Anime, say something like Ergo Proxy is often conceived as boring.

Typically you watch a Anime series, you are bombarded with a bunch of episodes, each of them having a clear set of objective to follow but here that episode is converted to a movie (sort of) so expect a well written but a little slow paced telling.


As far as the animation goes I can only say one thing, Magnificent. I think for the time it was released in Ufotable did a fine job with the animation. The consistency throughout the series is beautiful, I mean there were four different Directors throughout the series but still it feels like a cut piece from a fine bar. So is the story with the original soundtrack, just amazing.

kara no kyoukai

Finally I would say that not everyone would enjoy Kara No Kyoukai. Something with mature themes like this is sort of a treasure, although I agree it requires a bit of a commitment to get into — still it’s worth giving a shot.

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