‘Ka-Kaa’ is an Interesting Manga Set in the Wild West

Ka-Kaa: The Shaman Trials is an interesting manga, which follows the adventures of a shaman who is kind of a hero for hire.

Somewhere around in the deep wild wild west spirits are wandering, feeding on the souls and causing nothing but unrest in peace. So to take them down an arrogant shaman comes ahead for the good, obviously he has his price. The story follows him and his journey as a shaman taking down spirits along with Ka-Kaa and the companions he make throughout his journey.

What makes Ka-Kaa: The Shaman Trials different from the crowd is the setting, unlike most of the manga out there, creators here have put a lot of efforts in researching the native American history plus you’ll hardly find anything outside the high school these days and if you did it is probably awesome, number of Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, Alive: The Final Evolution and many more don’t lie.

Ka Kaa Character

As far as the characters go, you can clearly feel that there is something missing, I am talking about connections, internal bonds not typically romance. There is certainly a clear distinction in characters, like each have their unique traits in their very own way.


Backgrounds are amazingly detailed

Art is one of the key elements of any graphic novel, may that be a comic or a manga. As far as Ka-Kaa go, the art seems heavily inspired from One Piece still is unique in it’s very own way. I really appreciate the way backgrounds are detailed and characters certainly look way distinct from each other and the action sequences just look amazing. Only if the consistency was a bit better they would had hit gold.



Overall I would suggest this manga to any action/fantasy lover. FYI I only read the first volume and even if that may not completely describe the level of awesomeness this manga can hold, I can say that the write certainly has the ability to make the reader lust for more.

‘Ka-Kaa: The Shaman Trials’ is written by Ananth Maruti, illustrated by Gowra and is published by Fablery.

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