Justice League, Wonder Woman, Doctor Strange & More Trailers From SDCC 2016

Oh boy! they are here, I mean the amazing trailers from San Diego Comic-Con 2016. I am hyperventilating.

Without any further nonsense, let’s jump right into the trailers.

Justice League

When it comes to the DCEU, Warner Bros. is not f**king around. I know they had a rocky start with Batman v Superman but this is Justice League we’re talking about! It’s got tons of awesome footage, character introductions, and humor. That’s right, I said humor.

Wonder Woman

Even Wonder Woman trailer was released and it is something that gave me chills. Kinda showcases a strong mixture of giant spectacle and epic storytelling.

Suicide Squad

Being DC’s next film opens in just a few weeks, stakes are high on this one. The final trailer reveals so much more about the movie than the previous trailers with some good music.

Doctor Strange

While the first trailer was formal AF, the SDCC trailer finally showed some real magic. The film looks uniquely trippy—harkening back to that classic ‘60s Marvel weirdness.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Heck, this surprised me! I won’t say anything more, BTW when the Harry Potter theme track kicks in, I get chills.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Guy Ritchie forgot this isn’t Lords of the Rings. Looks absolutely nuts to me!

The LEGO Batman

Kong: Skull Island

Blair Witch

Moving to the Small Screen I had some very few surprises and questions like how is Arrow still on, I mean seriously why? Still the Flashpoint Arc trailer looks dope and did I mention Marvel released The Defenders teaser, well it was total bonkers! Plus there even Iron Fist & Luke Cage Teasers.

The Defenders

The Flash


Legends of Tomorrow

Luke Cage

Iron Fist

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