iZombie is a Unique Lighthearted take on Zombie Subgenre

iZombie, I don’t think so many people are watching this show, as for what it is. I mean it’s a show with zombies in it but isn’t zombie apocalypse.

For starters, iZombie is brilliant — for its concept, of course it is based on the comic with the same title but for something like this to be adapted is just gold.

iZombie follows the life of Olivia “Liv” Moore. She was a fine overachiever until she goes to this boat party where she gets turned into a zombie, but unlike anything you might have seen till now she is completely in her senses and can behave like a normal human. Yet she can’t live like one, as being half dead, she craves for human brains and if she doesn’t eat them periodically she gets this Zombie urges which are, well contagious.

Nevertheless she finds a job in the morgue where she gets her zombie appetite complete while her boss Ravi and her only colleague tries to find a cure for her.


Okay, now about the brains she eats, Liv gets visions and person traits of that dead person, which adds another interesting layer to the show as her newly found ability to solve murder mysteries along with Detective who thinks she is a Psychic.

No matter how serious the premise sounds, the show is fun, something what you would expect from Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars).

izombie characters

The show also boasts a strong principal cast despite being comprised of relatively unknown actors. Every episode gives us unique perspective of Liv through the influence of a different brain. Rose McIver does a fine job of portraying Liv but at times she just fails to deliver. Ravi played by Rahul Kohli is fun to watch, his little jokes light up the mood. Another important person in the series is Detective Clive, Malcolm Goodwin kinda feels cheesy playing him, still gets the job done. The show also stars Robert Buckley as Liv’s ex-boyfriend but he lacks that charisma.

This show seems like a perfect getaway from the demanding drama of AMC’s The Walking Dead. iZombie has a good addictive blend of drama and crime-solving genre.


iZombie is for everyone, even if you like or hate zombies. The shows deviation from the original comic did made some fans mad but believe me this could be like nothing you have ever seen before.

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