Is Gaming Good For You?

Is Gaming Good For You? Violent video games, such as First Person Shooter games, are often accused of making people more aggressive.

Those who grew up playing video games and still continue to do so have often heard that “gaming is stupid, complete waste of time” or things like “gaming affects you mentally” but few researchers have proved that gaming can change you for the better.

Before I begin, let me tell you that too much of anything has adverse effects on you then no matter what it might be.

They say many things about gaming but the most prominently they say that gaming affects your brain badly. Here’s a thing though, they might be wrong many researchers have actually proved that playing video games can actually increase brain volume in several regions of the brain.

A study conducted by researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and Charité University Medicine St. Hedwig-Krankenhaus, found that at least 30 minutes of gaming a day for a period of two months triggered significant grey matter increase, which resulted in better improvements in things like spatial navigation, memory formation & strategic planning.

Games specifically designed for mental improvement actually increase your brain’s age by 7 years.

Dota 2

Another most popular thing blasted about gaming is that they are anti-social. Many times gamers are thought of as people who are always stuck into their room. Although that can be true in previous years but now everyone is playing online or coop with their friends, gamers can communicate over voice and video chat. 76% of married couple said that playing MMORPG games had a positive effect on marriage.

Then comes FPS games, it is found that these games can improve eyesight and concentration. It was found that a Dyslexic patient could read faster after playing FPS games. It is also found that these games can cure Amblyopia (also called lazy) eye faster than the treatment itself.

Research out of the UK has found that playing a game of Tetris can help reduce cravings, It suggested that visual imagery is a central part of craving and therefore, a visually-based task should decrease craving. So next time you are addicted to something play tetris.

Nowadays many of the medical surgeries are actually performed by a kind of a robotic arm and that arm is controlled by a controller and a person with a video gaming background has less chances of errors than usual and even experienced doctors.

The Last Of Us

Even now games are more visually amazing with a deeper underlying story and some amazing art, games like The Last of Us are incorporating narrative-centric gameplay which add some interestingly emotional elements to the games, developing a player’s sense of sympathy and empathy.

But as with anything, moderation is the key. The more you do something the more are you going to get affected by it. Experts suggest that playing games for 21 hours a week is healthy but past 21 hours things start to get nasty and affecting your health.

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