Some Interesting Anime Shows From Winter 2015

It seems like winter 2015 anime catalog is filled with crap, okay not all of it but most of it. The shows I am most excited for this season are basically the sequels of anime like DRRR!! Nevertheless there are shows which stand apart from the crowd, say shows like Death Parade or Maria the Virgin Witch.  Still to be clear I just can’t speculate how the particular series will shape-up to be as the show progresses but for now these shows seem awesome.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A


I am not reading the manga so I am typically excited about this one and after watching the first episode this surely takes off amazingly were the previous anime left.

Durarara X2


I really liked Durarara but five years after the original anime, I am not as pumped to watch the second season as I was back then but surely I am happy. What’s makes Durarara interesting is the fact that every character has a deeper significance in the plot.

Death Parade

Death Parade

So this is a new show airing this winter, the premise is good, at the very beginning I thought it was more like SAW but after watching the first episode I can say that it interestingly has an unique kick to it. Still it would probably take a few more episodes to understand if the show really stands apart from the crowd.

Assassination Classroom

Koro Sensei

There has to be a funny show on the list, right? Assassination Classroom has the most unique plots of the season. The show might be silly but again that is what makes it special here. At first glance the show does seem generic but if you are one of those who have read the manga the then you would know this thing is awesome.

Saekano -How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend-


I know this is a weird anime to be on this list. For starters, if you are looking for some beautifully designed fan service then this show is for you but unlike those generic shows this is not at all stupid. The animation is fluid, and the color palette is beautiful. Probably this is one of those anime which you could totally hate or love over the course of time, just like that totally pointless yet beautiful anime Glasslip.

Maria the Virgin Witch

Maria The Virgin Witch

This show turned out to be a surprise. First off, that title is weird but that is just a literal translation of who Maria really is, a virgin witch whose starting objective is to gain the acceptance of the Church, which normally condemns all witches. Unlike many witches she works to protect the innocent. There is more of a deep mature fantasy plot lying in this anime. Even the style of animation used perfectly fits with the fantasy genre.

The Rolling Girls

The Rolling Girls

If you liked FLCL then you will surely love this anime. This is one of those series where random stuff is going to happen so be prepared, still there is an underlying story. The animation is all colorful, like there is rainbow colored explosions, and some brightly dazzling animation scenes which screams Studio Trigger.

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