Inside the Amazing Ground Zero Anthology #2

It’s fun to read an comic anthology, thanks to the the amazing variations of stories and art. Ground Zero #2 is one of that cool pieces.

Ground Zero #2 consists of 6 different stories, each being vastly distinct from another, each of them have different artworks but maybe not all are awesome enough. Still my perspective is quite clouded as I haven’t read Ground Zero #1, and that’s because out of those 6 stories, three are new additions and three are continuations from #1.

This comic comes from India where the comic scene is still striving to make a mark, almost all of the stories are written by Akshay Dhar and are illustrated by various artists throughout the anthology.

I can’t dive deep in the plotlines of individual stories as that would be a major spoiler.

Desolation Runner

Anyways the comic starts with Desolation Runner, which is written by Akshay Dhar and illustrated by Khanseng Mein & Vivek Nag. It is quite a rewarding read, the artwork is pretty standard but the environment is quite interesting.

Holy Hell

Holy Hell Artwork

The next two comics in the anthology, Holy Hell & Once Upon A Time In North are totally amazing, even if they might not be that extraordinary they are fun to read, they have that Indian essence you would enjoy. Even the art is all colorful and cartoony, which makes it eye candy if not amazing. Anyways Holy Hell is written by Zafar Khurshid & Akshay Dhar and illustrated by Abhijeet Kini while Once Upon A Time In North is written by Sudeep Menon and illustrated by Ahmed Sikandar.

Raakshas Rising

Next is one which I think is the best comic in this entire anthology, Raakshas Rising, written by Akshay Dhar and illustrated by Tarun Padmakumar. The art is fabulous and so is the story. The story is about a guy who discovers his inner demons and uses them to fill fear in the minds of evil men. I can say this one is quite one of a treat.

The Last Baqani

The Last Baqani

The last two, are the ones I didn’t like maybe because I haven’t read Ground Zero #1. These are Super Soldier Squad & The Last Baqani both written by Akshay Dhar. Super Soldier Squad is illustrated by Anant Sagar & Sammi Lenker and to be honest this one has mediocre art. In that case The Last Baqani illustrated by Sahil Rao has decent artwork if nothing extraordinary.

Consisting of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comedy, Action and much more, this anthology Ground Zero #2 is worth reading as there is something for everybody.

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