Humans is Something Different, Disturbing Yet Somewhat Real

Right now there are many amazing Sci-Fi shows airing, but among the crowd there are some shows like Mr. Robot and now Humans both which I think are completely awesome.

Recently I wrote about why shouldn’t you fear A.I. and I think this show gives you a real perspective about that.

Ever imagine how would it be when machines could sense emotions. Forget taking over the world or coexistence the very first thing will be proving their place to humans as they would no longer be slaves to anyone.

Humans is set in a alternate universe where every family is dependent on a ‘Synth’ — which is fancy word for Humanoids. Basically a totally awesome servant but our dependence on them is transforming the way we live. Then there are these Synths who have conscious.


Gemma Chan looks almost perfect in her role as a Synth

What makes this series better than any previous which were based around the same theme is like how this show depicts a normal life with a realistic concepts instead of taking a deadly adrenaline filled route.

Forget conscious Synths, this show also does a fine job of exploring a complex scenario when humans get too dependent on Synths, of course there will be the problem of unemployment but there will be these issues on a fundamental level which might be actually more disturbing.

Humans 2

Moving on, I really wondered what could a show like this deliver as progresses, as there wasn’t much I thought they could do but I liked how they focussed on character development.

BTW, This show is a joint Channel 4/AMC production which aired in the U.K. first, which is why pretty much everyone has a British accent, if you were wondering. And even I think Humans is not that good title for a show like this.

Humans 3

At this point I think the show has a lot of potential for the various questions it asks. I heard that there’s going to be a second installment of it but nothing is set in solid.

Even if you might say that the story is stale conceptually but there’s a totally different psychological side to this show which I think is it’s sheer awesomeness.

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