Hugh Jackman Hints that ‘Wolverine 3’ Could be his Last

X-Men: Apocalypse will add a bunch of new heroes to the movie franchise but might also lose some of the prominent ones, like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique

Even if X-Men: Apocalypse might be Jennifer’s last flick, Hugh Jackman will be in the next solo Wolverine 3 movie which will start it’s production in 2016.

Wolverine Dies

I just can’t imagine anyone except Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, so could it be that Fox might be doing a Death of Wolverine comic where he basically splits into different alter egos because reports are suggesting that taking the opportunity of Secret Wars, Fox might try to build an entire new world for the characters – to create a shared universe within the X-books that’s set off by a huge event/incident/surprise and not sharing the universe with Marvel.


Official Deadpool Suit

The Secret Wars scenario will not put any effect on the franchise as most of the viewers are looking in for continuity and not shared universe.

At least till now X-Men has been a successful venture for Fox, unlike what Sony, Fox will hold on to it’s properties way longer and now that even Deadpool flick is on the line which is going to share universe with X-Men, Fox could just be going for a win.

Still Wolverine is like one of the major characters of the X-Men franchise, so it all depends on how Fox pulls it off.

As for Lawrence, it would be the second franchise she would be breaking ties with afterall the final installment of The Hunger Games will be released in November, and X-Men: Apocalypse is expected to be in theaters in May 2016.

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