How Can You Be A Superhero?

Everybody would like to be a Superhero. Heroes just don’t fight criminals or save the world, they save that smile. It’s a pleasant feeling but how can you be one?

In various forms of pop culture, you will see a heroes popularly result of the human experimentation, like the Hulk. Although as fun it may sound, results are terrible. You are most likely to be negatively affected in this scenario and if you happen to survive there won’t be something in you that would help you be a hero. The closest we have got with human experimentation is by biohacking but that till now is totally done for medical purposes or for something totally useless. Still it will surely advance one day.

You also see some natural disaster turning our favorite character Superhero, like the Flash who was struck by a lightning. Of course this isn’t possible, the worst case scenario here would be death. There might be a one in a million or billion chance that it might change you but that is totally insane. Like the guy below, who is immune to electrification.

Then how could you possibly be a Superhero?

You can be Iron Man, sort of. If we are just talking about an armored suit that augments a human’s strength and weaponry, then we’re extremely close. But if we’re talking about something with all of the primary abilities of Iron Man’s character (i.e. flight, clean infinite power, and repulsor beams), that may never become a reality.

The biggest problem here is the power source. No matter how much improve the overall suite, we aren’t even close to generating hundreds of kWs of power required by the suite. So possibly in near future you might be able to.

The closest you can get being a masked superhero is by being a vigilante with a few tricks up your sleeves, say like Batman. Yup! you can totally be Batman but that would require millions of dollars worth of investments in yourself, especially tech. Still the amount of training, combined with the resources necessary is near to impossible.

The closest you can get is being something like the Green Arrow, Hawkeye or Kickass. As the only thing you will be focusing here will be on your training.

The best advice, join your national military or support a weak/poor person and spread that smile as even that counts. And think twice before doing anything stupid.

What do you think?

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