Hatsune Miku, A Virtual Pop Star Unlike Any Other

Hatsune Miku is a Japanese Virtual Pop Star, who unlike any other singer is fully operated via a computer. Hatsune Miku means “The first Sound from the Future”, which surely is true. I mean musicians have to make their music and then using the Hatsune Miku voice synthesizer you can feed the lyrics to your music. So musicians can concentrate more on music and less on annoying Pop Stars. Created by Crypton Future Media, using Yamaha’s Vocaloid software, anyone with enough technical know-how can program Miku to perform any song on a computer.

Hatsune Miku Cosplay

Hatsune Miku Cosplay By SorrowTurquoise

Miku already has a hell lot of fans and also has a digital personality. I mean she is 16 years old, her height is 158cm, her weight 42kg and her zodiac sign Virgo that’s quite specific. There’s something about her that I can’t resist so much that I quite a fan. According to the her parent company more than 100,00 original songs are already on iTunes and Amazon.

Hatsune Miku isn’t the only virtual singer, there is this whole bunch of virtual singers and they are called as vocaloids. To know more about these vocaloid characters click here.

In 2012, Crypton decided to adapt “Creative Commons License CC BY-NC” to the original illustrations of Hatsune Miku to support open creative activities all over the world.

What I like about this entire concept of virtual singers or Hatsune Miku for that matter is the collaborative effort put together by a bunch of people to create a beautiful experience. Like one person writes the song, same or other person does the music and some other collaborator does the animation. So all the songs from any Miku concert are fan-written.

She is already popular in Japan and is slowly becoming popular in the entire world. Still its all about fans with Miku, creating and sharing the awesomeness and being a part of something amazing. If you haven’t checked her out yet, please do you will be amazed!

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