Guess What, Samurai Jack is Returning to TV!

Adult Swim just announced a new season of Samurai Jack which is scheduled to launch in 2016.

Oh my freaking God I just can’t believe that it’s happening.

If you were living under a rock or for some other reason you don’t know about the series here’s a small gist of it, Samurai Jack follows Jack, a samurai who traveled through time with the quest to head back to where he came from and defeat the demon Aku.

Samurai Jack was created by Genndy Tartakovsky and he is on board this time too. Till date the show has won 4 time Primetime Emmy Awards. Unfortunately the show ended in 2004, leaving many fans in a void.

The series is currently at development at the Cartoon Network Studios, , for a return on Toonami sometime in 2016. No additional details were released just this short teaser.

I have waited far too long for this to happen, let’s not ruin it Cartoon Network.

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